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The working of hot metal puts severe demands on the tools used. They must resist softening at elevated temperatures, or resist thermal fatigue caused by repeated heating-and-cooling cycles.  They must defy deformation caused by heavy loads at extreme temperatures.
Grades of Ferro-TiCŪ have been developed to provide excellent wear resistance even under these extremely adverse conditions.
Fights Corrosion and WearSeals, Motor Fuel Pumps, Fiber Industry Roll, Cup and Pintle
With Ferro-TiCŪ Grades, resistance to wear or galling need not to be sacrificed in order to obtain outstanding corrosion or oxidation resistance.

Surface exposure of super-hard titanium carbide micro-grains increases resistance to wear while maintaining extraordinary lubricity.

A variety of alloy matrices is available to resist attack by hostile, corrosive elements.  This chemical resistance, reinforced by the mechanical protection of Ferro-TiCŪ's smooth, rounded titanium carbide micro-grains, protects the matrix from erosion.